Auto Glass Windshield Repair


Have your auto glass repaired Now Before it’s Too Late.

No deductible windshield repair St Catharines

We will have your deductible waived.

UniGlass Plus Ziebart uses a proven, highly effective Windshield & Auto Glass Repair process. Our technicians undergo ongoing, extensive training and our equipment is the latest, most sophisticated on the market today. You will have a windshield as strong as before.

Don’t wait. That stone chip on your windshield is not going to get any smaller.


Bulls Eye Stone Chip


Half Moon Stone Chip


Surface Chip Stone Chip


Angel Wings Stone Chip


Star Stone Chip


Star Burst Stone_Chip


Extended Ray on Bulls eye Stone Chip


Straight Crack Stone Chip


Nature of risk :
Green :
Minor crack, but there is risk. There is still time to act before the status becomes yellow or red. Go to the nearest UniglassPlus as soon as possible. It will only take 30 minutes of your time.
Yellow :
Need for quick action. This crack will require windshield replacement very soon unless you attend to it now. Furthermore, waiting will result in high and unnecessary costs. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.
Red :
Act now! There is no time to lose. You are putting your safety and that of your passengers at serious risk. Have your windshield repaired immediately.

Your windshield is composed of three layers; an inside glass, an outside glass and a heavy polyvinyl that binds the two windshields together. On impact, the polyvinyl will prevent the windshield from falling apart, preventing injury.

When a projectile such as a rock hits a windshield, the windshield break occurs on the exterior of the glass only. What makes the stone chip visible is the air between the exterior glass and the polyvinyl.

Our windshield glass repair process involves replacing all of the air  inside the chip with a resin injected at the point of impact.

We repair minor chips in order to prevent cracks from forming when the windshield is subject to temperature variations as well as bumps and potholes.

The cost to repair your windshield is $ 90.00 and includes a lifetime warranty that will cover your satisfaction of our work as well as ANY FUTURE chip repairs for the lifetime of your windshield.

Best of all, auto windshield  repairs are covered by all insurance companies in Ontario. UniGlass Plus Ziebart in St Catharines will have your deductible waived. We do all the paper work for you and the whole process takes under an hour.