Interior Automotive Fabric Protection


Ziebart INNER-GUARD Total Automotive Interior Fabric Protection

This is a two hour, 32 step process to protect the complete interior of your new or clean vehicle. Including Fabric Protection, Leather Protection and Vinyl protection.

The cost is $150.00 to process the average clean car  See Specials and packages

At UniGlass we protect all automotive interior materials.

All fabrics are treated with Ziebart Fabric Protection, including seats, carpets, trunk liners, headliners and especially floor mats. Our treatment offers protection from coffee spills and food  stains, muddy boots, smoke and oil, just to name a few. Ziebart protective coatings prevent permanent damage to your vehicle’s expensive fabrics. Guaranteed!

Your car’s leather interior needs special attention and we use only the best: Ziebart Leather Protector. Leather is a skin and will dry from exposure to ultra violet  rays and  dust. Use our Leather Protection Services to help keep your car looking like new.

We also protect dashboards, door panels, consoles, rear decks, trim and interior panels from dirt and grime, UV damage and drying.

Warning: No fabric protection on earth will prevent damage from some elements, for example; bleach, pool chlorine and orange pop dye!

 Protect your car when it is new or after a thorough cleaning (see Inner-Clean). Always clean before you protect.This process will not keep the car clean, but will enable us to clean your car in the future.