Automotive Rust Protection

Road salt being applied to roads very bad for your car.

All Time Record Salt Usage in Niagara: Ruining Expensive New Automobiles!


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How long do you plan to keep your car?

New and used vehicle protection prevents rust from starting. Kurt Ziebart invented our exclusive rust protection process over 50 years ago, and for the last five decades, nobody does it better. Our rust prevention process is revolutionary and continues to be the top choice among consumers to protect and preserve the value of their vehicle.

Over the past 50 years, Ziebart has protected tens of millions of new and used vehicles around the world in some of the harshest environmental conditions known to exist.
The Ziebart process coats the metal to prevent salt and moisture from causing rust.
We use specially designed, patented tools to reach hidden areas of your vehicle that are susceptible to rust.
We have the latest corrosion technology and are continually refining both our chemistry and application process.
Our under body sealant coats structural metal and resists road abrasion.
Our upper body sealant penetrates all upper body seams, joints, and areas most vulnerable to corrosion.
Applied by trained, certified technicians, our
annual renewal service allows you to bring your vehicle back to Ziebart to receive reapplication where necessary, protecting  the value for years to come.

Rust shortens the life of your vehicle & ruins its appearance, greatly reducing its resale value. The simple truth is that vehicles still rust. In fact, they start rusting from the moment the steel is made. Ziebart® Rust Protection forms a permanent barrier between the metal panels of the vehicle and the elements of nature to prevent corrosion.

Many people believe that road salt is the most common cause of vehicle rust. It certainly helps promote corrosion but the number one cause of vehicle rust is condensation. Moisture creeps into your vehicle’s seams and crevasses where this condensation acts as a conductor to promote rust. “Electrolysis” is another major contributor to vehicle rust, whereby different types of metal on a vehicle actually generate an electrical current that accelerates corrosion! Protect your investment.

Does the factory Rust Protect my vehicle?

Automobile manufacturers ship their vehicles to all corners of the world and all climates. Only a small portion of these vehicle markets are considered “Corrosion Zones”, so it is not feasible to add complete rust protection at the factory. Ziebart® Rust Protection is applied to the fully assembled vehicle to create an air and water-tight barrier which prevents moisture from attacking even the most recessed, vulnerable metal surfaces on your vehicle.

No one makes your car last longer than Ziebart Rust Protection!

Preserve and protect your vehicle with Ziebart.

For over 50 years, Ziebart has been synonymous with rust protection. Ziebart is the worldwide leader in automotive appearance and protection services.

New Car Rust Protection

At Ziebart we use a  thixotropic rust protection process. Thixotropic means different viscosities. This is because there is no one miracle product that will work best on all areas of all cars in all situations. The same spray that protects the wheel wells is too heavy for the engine bay.