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Protect your family from uv rays while traveling.

This summer keep your passengers happy healthy and safe. Window films applied to the inside of your car windows have many benefits.

Reduce heat and glare

Reject 99% UV Rays

Enhance Privacy

Helps hold shards of broken glass together in case of accidents

And right now we will tint your car for $195 with a lifetime warranty.

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The winter of 2013-2014

The winter of 2013-2014 may be remembered as ORANGE DEATH for your new car. With record levels of corrosion control salts applied even cars left in car parking lots are not immune this year.

Road salt being applied to roads very bad for your car.

All Time Record Salt Usage in Niagara: Ruining Expensive New Automobiles!

The Birds are Back!

Those birds! Nothing ruins new car paint like bird scat! Try to park away from trees. Birds do not like it when you park under their tree and will drop scat on your car, which will dull your car’s finish. Wash (not wipe,seeds in their poop will scratch your car’s paint.) as soon as possible and wax your car often to act as a barrier or sacrificial coating. Have a professional paint protection applied if you plan to keep your car. Try Ziebart Diamond Gloss On Sale Now for only $249. CALL (905)682-8387.  Makes a really nice Fathers Day “Group Gift”