Exterior Car Cleaning, Polishing, Detailing & Waxing Service


Exterior Car Waxing, Cleaning, Polishing, Detailing Service

Exterior Car Waxing, Cleaning, Polishing, Detailing Service

Regular washing with high pressure is your best first defense against harmful pollutants that constantly attach your vehicle’s expensive finish, however car waxing and polishing will always be necessary. When it comes to auto paint detailing we will out shine anybody. We are simply the best car waxing service in Niagara.

Road salt, sand, tree sap, bird droppings, acid rain, and tar to name a few, are contaminants that eat in to your car’s clear coat paint.

You should wash your car every week by hand or at an automatic to remove as many pollutants as possible.

At least once on an annual basis you should have your automobile professionally washed and detailed to remove harder to clean contaminants like industrial fallout, tree sap, road paint and tar. The goal being a SMOOTH surface with no stubble to impede the sheeting off of rain, snow and ice that contain damaging pollutants.

At UniGlass Plus Ziebart we specialize in remedial automobile paint restoration. We offer unparalleled results when it comes to paint over-spray removal, scratch & swirl removal, paint compounding, high speed polishing, low speed buffing and industrial fallout removal.

We also offer wheel cleaning on all types of mag wheels, aluminum wheels, chrome and wire wheels.

With the array of composite materials we use at UniGlass Plus Ziebart, we can clean and enhance every surface of your car’s exterior, including plastic headlights, tail and marker lights, mirrors, decals, and of course, auto glass (see auto glass repair)

With today’s tough environmental conditions it is very important to protect all of the surfaces of your car.(see Automotive Exterior Protection)  Clean …then protect!

We use Ziebart TidyCar products and processes for results you can’t get anywhere else.