Interior Car Detailing-Cleaning


Interior Car Detailing-Cleaning

At UniGlass Ziebart we clean all automotive interiors.

“Ziebart TidyCar St Catharines¬†Unparalleled¬†Car Detailing!”

Every year your car’s fabrics collect road salt, sweat, city soot, dandruff, tracked in dirt, food and drink spills, pet hair, smoke and who knows what else.

This interior automotive detailing service will renew your car’s interior and revive that new car look, feel and smell.

We power vacuum all upholstery using high pressure air and suction to deep clean all loose material from your car. Next, stains are spot cleaned with our professional stain removal system before we chemically treat all vehicle upholstery with our exclusive Anti-Bacterial cleaning solution. Only then we use our state of the art hot water steam extractor to remove contaminants from the fibers of the materials.

All floor mats are power cleaned to remove salt, tar, dirt and even chewing gum.

Next, we wash all door panels, arm rests, dash and steering wheels. All drink holders are cleaned as well as the console, gear shift and all other vinyl, plastic and trim.

All automotive glass is meticulously polished, including all tinted glass.

This is a professional, full service cleaning for any automotive interior.

The average cost of this interior car detailing is dependent on the age, model and overall condition of the vehicle.

This is the best car cleaning process on the market today.

After cleaning your vehicle, consider how long you plan to keep your car. If long term ownership is planned you should consider Automotive Interior Protection.